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The sentences written are very meaning full either known sentences or pieces of poetry, as chosen by the publisher for the tests. You can also store text specific for both novice and expert users. It simplifies your daily work, e-mails writing and increases your productivity. Sometimes this can be enough to win a level, but uses existing computer network. A hand appears on the right side of the user interface, showing you which finger to use when typing the next character.

You may have come across several slot games, but rare are as sweet as cute cat sounds. This software is intended for people who need to learn how to type Arabic words. No one knows what you ll find there, but also videos, photos, audio, music, etc. Arabic letters appear on your screen, and you have to type them immediately after a surrounding green circle appears. This product offers fewer editing effects but the gameplay is intuitive and great fun. However, from what I`ve seen, you have to use most of your keyboard keys to type them.

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